Trying New Apps – A Fun Way To Make Money With Your Phone

By | January 31, 2017

Make Money With Your Phone

Everyone uses a smartphone these days. But have you ever thought about making money with it?

There are a lot of “get paid to” apps out there which can help you make money with your phone. Some even pay you to go to the gym.

However today I will be talking about apps that pay you for trying out new apps ( sounds confusing I know ).

1. Applike

Basically you will get new app suggestions based on your current apps.

You earn mcoins for trying out an app which you can exchange for gift vouchers or just cash it out using paypal.

Each app suggested to you will have a certain number of stars ranging from 1 to 4. 4 stars gives the most mcoins.

What I like about it.

You get mcoins for using the new app for a certain duration. This duration eventually increases along with the amount of mcoins that you get.

For example, you might get 100 mcoins in the first 40 seconds of trying the app, then 105 for the next 50 seconds, then 110 for the next 60 seconds.

Eventually it goes up to like 500 mcoins for 1 hour or something like that.

With this said all you have to do to earn mcoins is just leave your phone on while running the app. That’s it.

There are some apps which require you to register or give them your email, the secret is that you don’t even need to do that, just leaving the app on the register screen will get you points as well.

Although this probably isn’t an honest way to do it ( just saying ).

You do not need to touch anything and you still get paid. You can even leave it on overnight if you want to.

2. Freemyapps

Another app that pays you to try other apps.

The difference here is that the amount is like a one time payment.

You download the suggested app and complete the task and the you get paid.

An example would be downloading a game and playing till you hit level 5. Each app will have a different task as well as points ranging from tens to a couple hundred points.

In my opinion, if you’re suggested apps that pay you a huge amount of points you will be able to cash out really fast.

Why I stopped using it

The one thing which I do not like about this app is that sometimes the task required is pretty vague.

I’m actually not sure if it’s vague or I completed it but simply was not rewarded.

Also, do note that if you become inactive for 60 days your points will disappear. In that case you have to become active again and contact their customer service to get your points back.

3. FeaturePoints

Very similar to Freemyapps. The way you make money is almost identical.

You get suggested apps and you get rewarded with points. The good thing is it actually tells you what you have to do.

Usually you just have to try the app for 2 minutes and you get your points. There is also a nice vibration which tells you the offer is done.

For some reason I don’t get the points sometimes though, it might be because I didn’t do the offer correctly because I just left the app on, I didn’t “use” it for 2 minutes.

The thing that makes this app different from the other 2 is that you might also get some surveys in there but of course mainly you get money from trying out new apps.

Which is the recommended one?

My pick would be Applike because :

  • You can keep earning points for the same app over and over again even if it gets harder the longer you use it. With the other 2 choices you get a one time payment and that’s it.
  • You can earn points passively, as I said just leave your phone on. For the other 2 apps you need to be somewhat active in completing the tasks.
  • Applike is the only one with an accurate indicator of what you have to do to earn points after you start using the app. The other apps will tell you what you need to do, like play a game for 2 minutes before you start, but after you start they won’t track your progress.
  • You can easily track and see if what you’re doing actually works. There is a timer for Applike that tells you how long you have till your next mcoin payout.
  • I have never not gotten my points before, never.

Which one can earn you money the fastest?

I would say FreeMyApps because :

  • Even though both FreeMyApps and FeaturePoints are one time payments, if we compare the exact same suggested app, lets call it game A on both of them, game A seems to give more points in FreeMyApps.
  • 3000 points in FreeMyApps is $10 compared to 6000 points for 10 in FeaturePoints. Sadly FreeMyApps doesn’t have a Paypal option.
  • If we compared to Applike, FreeMyApps obviously pays more in a shorter amount of time because it’s a one time payment. Applike requires you to spend time on the app to get paid.

Closing Thoughts

Whichever app you choose to use, just remember that they are actually paying you to test the app out so you should at least give the suggested apps a try.

Yes I know I do cheat sometimes but if I get a game to try out I usually play it seriously for a while. Who knows you might actually find something that you like.

Do note that this won’t make you rich though, if you’re thinking about making a living online I suggest you look somewhere else.

If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment below,




2 thoughts on “Trying New Apps – A Fun Way To Make Money With Your Phone

  1. Craig

    Hey Lucas,

    These apps sound great, do you know if they are only available on Apple or can I get them on Android?

    Sounds like a nice easy way to make some extra cash.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Craig I’ve personally used all of them on Android so I know you can get the from Google Play Store. If you’re interested I suggest you try Applike first because I’ve had the most success with that.

      Good luck 😀


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