Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?


  • Rating : 98/100
  • Price : Free for a starter membership,  $49 for premium membership or $19 if you sign up in 7 days – Sign up for free now !
  • Owners : Kyle and Carson

So I recently stumbled upon this website called wealthy affiliate while searching for ways to make money online.

Of course having searched other similar programs my initial reaction is to read up more about it, trying to avoid yet another scam.

Apparently every single Wealthy Affiliate review that I read are good reviews, what gives? Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what?


Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

  • Wealthy affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program and a community, a gathering of affiliate marketers ranging from complete beginners to those who manage to make $500 a day doing affiliate marketing.
  • What the website does is provide you a series of courses and tutorials, to show you how to start a website and earn money through it. Have a look at the topics covered in the lessons below.Wealthy Affiliate 1st course lessons
  • There are functions like live chats and blog posts by other users, this is where the interaction happens ! Wealthy Affiliate activity dashboard


What happens after you join Wealthy Affiliate?

  1. You will be introduced to the basic concepts of earning money online. The first course will focus on how to build your website and get visitors through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  2. You will then be asked to choose your niche. A niche is your own targeted audience within the market. Some examples are like, K-pop or archery.
  3. After choosing your niche, you will start creating your own website and the process is so simple with the platform that they provide – Siterubix, which is free ! A tutorial is also provided to teach you about the All in one SEO plugin that is installed for you on your free website and how to set it up.
  4. Now comes the fun part, because now you start to research on what keywords to use and the lessons will give you a clear explanation on how to do it using Jaaxy.
  5. You will start writing content for your website, based on the keywords that you researched.
  6. Once all this is done, keep regularly updating your website and you will eventually get indexed by Google, meaning your website will show up on Google search.Wealthy Affiliate site manager

Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate

After following the lessons in the 1st training, you now have a platform to promote products related to your niche. You just have to find an affiliate program related to your niche that you like and start earning a commision when someone buys through your website. There are also other ways as well to explore like Google Adsense.However, you will have to keep putting out content so your website ranks better in Google. If your website only has a few pages or a few posts you probably wont see much visitors.The Basic Process of Earning Money Online

What You Get With a Free or Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

Free Membership ( Free of course !)

  • You can create 2 free websites, however you don’t own the domains
  • Free website hosting
  • Access to the basic training and tutorials on the website
  • 7 day premium membership trial period, it unlocks some features like live chat and posting comments and you should take advantage of this
  • Actually, after about 10 days you get the trial period again where you can live chat and comment
  • 30 keyword searches with the free keyword tool Jaaxy
  • You can still see posts made by other members which may be informative as well

Premium Membership ( $49 per month )

  • Can create up to 50 websites
  • more added security and site support for your websites
  • As of January 3rd 2017, premium members get to install a free SSL certificate, which basicly means your website changes from http to https and is more secure.
  • Access to more advanced training and tutorials
  • Access to Wealthy Affiliate’s own keyword research tool
  • Live chat and comment or blog posting.
  • 2 times higher commision if you become an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate

My Opinion on when you should go premium

If you’re just a starting out I don’t recommend you go premium just yet. With no prior knowledge you would start at the basic courses which are free anyway, if you jump right into the more advanced ones you might not fully understand it. You should get started for free and start building your website and learn the fundamentals first.

Going premium gives you alot of benefits and you should consider it if you’re serious about creating your online business. However you should upgrade after your website can earn you the fees needed to become a premium member. if not the $49 would be coming out of your pocket every month. Think about it this way, after making some money from your website you re-invest that money by going premium to grow your business.

Why go Premium?

  • If you’re doing the affiliate program for Wealthy Affiliate, do note that you get 2 times the commision when you refer someone to Wealthy Affiliate. Meaning if you do the math at some point you would get more money from your referals if you upgraded to premium.
Lets say you have 2 Referals. As a free member you get $11.75 monthly and $23.50 if you’re a premium member.

Free : 2 x 11.75 = $23.50

Premium : 2 x 23.50 = $47 ( Almost free upgrade )

What if you have 4 referals?

Free : 4 x $11.75 = $47 ( Almost free upgrade )

Premium : 4 x 23.50 = $94 ( Free upgrade + earnings )

  • SSL certificate to make your website more secure would also help you rank higher in Google
  • Advanced training is important to growing your business. There are course on more tools to help your website like Google Analytics and even email marketing which are crucial to improving your website.


Why do I rate Wealthy Affiliate so highly?

  • Beginner friendly, the course above is suitable for those with no background knowledge whatsoever.
  • All the basic tools you need will be provided to you for free. Includes your keyword research tool, 2 free website, plugins to help optimize your website’s search result.
  • Above only shows you one of the courses available, there are so much more provided by Kyle and even other members of Wealthy Affiliate. More training courses at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Very helpful community, you can pop a question using the live chat and get a response within minutes.
  • Even Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate will give you their support !
  • The perfect platform to exchange feedback, there are posts in the website where you can exchange comments on your website with other Wealthy Affiliate members.
  • Did I mention that its FREE ?
  • Look at all the success stories !Wealthy Affiliate Succes Stories


Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to make money with something you love and care about. There really is nothing quite like Wealthy Affiliate on the internet. You actually have nothing to lose because it’s free to sign up! If you don’t like it you can just walk away but I guarentee, you will enjoy your time in Wealthy Affiliate just like I did.

As i stated above, when starting out go for the free membership first, then upgrade to premium when you gain more experience. When you do sign up, my username is Lucas1337, feel free to talk to me about anything, I will do my best to help you and all of us at Wealthy Affiliate will be behind you all the way.



24 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

  1. Mike

    Really an informative product review, and easy to follow and understand. I appreciate you sharing your view of the inside in such an honest way….

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thank you for the compliment Mike, really appreciate it haha.

  2. Dira

    An honest review. I like that WA is free and everyone can join. And you are right one of the plus points of WA is that its Beginner friendly, suitable for those with no IT or Marketing knowledge.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks alot for your comment :D, I’m actually a beginner myself and hoping that other beginners like me can find this golden opportunity.
      I wish you the best on your journey !

  3. Dan Kenneth

    Lucas this is a wonderful review. I love your business mind and how you express genuine concern for the reader. Many are put off when money is demanded before knowing what they are buying but you have really nailed it with the great emphasis of free membership. Wow! With your review, its like a net cast out in the water and you will have an awesome catch of referrals.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Yo Dan thanks alot for your compliment, really made my day and glad you liked it haha. My emphasis on the free membership is probably because I am a free member myself but I would definitely go premium one day, just too good to pass up.

      Anyway thanks for reading my review and I wish you all the best!

  4. Kurtis Quick

    Hell yeah WA seems to be the place to be. Nice review! With all that training how could you not become more successful online! Time to join!

  5. Ronny

    Great work here Lucas. Indeed WA is the place to be for every new internet or affiliate marketer. Thanks for helping people make the right decision with this great post.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thank you as well for your compliments and best wishes 😀

  6. Mark Baker

    Hey Lucas,

    What I like about your review is that it is very detailed and shows lots of inside views of the platform. Very useful. One question, is Jaaxy included for all members, free or premium?


    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks a lot Mark I’m more of a technical person I guess so I focus a lot on the technical stuff 😀

      Jaaxy is included for all members, anyone can sign up for Jaaxy for free even non Wealthy Affiliate members. I think Jaaxy is owned by Kyle and Carson too though.
      As a free Jaaxy member you get 30 free searches, and if you want unlimited searches you have to upgrade to Jaaxy premium.

      Hope I managed to answer your question 😀

  7. Mary

    Hi Lucas,
    Wow! Very clean website and well written review coming from you as a new member. I’ve been a member for 15 months and I am just barely starting. Well done you’re on the way to success for sure.

    More success to you!

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thank you so much Mary, there was actually a background picture which I liked but I got some feedback saying it made the text hard to read so I removed it, which is why I seems clean I guess haha

      I wish you all the best too !

  8. Craig

    Hi Lucas.

    Great review. You provide lots of information in a very readable manner. I also appreciate the fact that you take the time to explain what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I’ve seen a couple of reviews that will tell you the benefits of joining, but not what you are actually expected to *do*. From the look of your site, you’ve learned the lessons well, so that also goes some distance toward showing Wealthy Affiliate’s value.

    Well done!

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks alot Craig,

      I agree with your point, when I first joined Wealty Affiliate through a review I had no idea what I was supposed to do or how I was supposed to make money. Hopefully my review can help others in my position back then. Thank you for the compliment too by the way haha.

      I wish you all the best !

  9. Steve

    Hi Lucas…
    You have presented a fantastic review about Wealthy Affiliate…
    If I wasn’t already a member I would be now!
    Their training has obviously worked for you and is reflected in the professional manner your site has been constructed…
    Much success to you…
    Kind regards

    1. Lucas Post author

      Thanks a lot Steve for the compliment XD
      I’m still learning and to be honest there are still some things that need to get done around my site but I’m getting there. Still more training needed.

  10. Filip

    Hi Lucas, that is a great review. Really explains everything in depth. So easy to read and understand makes me wanna join again 🙂

  11. Brandon

    Great review Lucas! With the information you provided, I feel like I know all that I need to know about Wealthy Affiliate! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with this review!

  12. Andrei

    Great review!

    I was wondering if when you register at Wealthy Affiliate, it will require any credit card information or phone number. Thanks for your recommendation and I am looking forward for your answers!

  13. Jess

    This is fantastic!
    Lot’s of great information and visuals, and you even fixed a problem I was having without knowing it (ssl certificate!). I also really like your mathematical breakdown of how to get your premium membership paid for… nice work!! 🙂


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