What is Digital Altitude About? – Digital Altitude Review 2017

 Digital Altitude

  • Rating : 20/100
  • Price : up to $27000
  • Owner : Michael Force

After getting to know a certain multi-level marketing company, I was soon introduced to Digital Altitude. Naturally I would do my research both online and on youtube. I also checked out their website and wow did it look amazing.

What is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is yet another Multi-Level Marketing scheme or pyramid scheme. Similar to other pyramid schemes you have to purchase each of the products to be eligible to receive a commission when you make a sale on them.

Anoher thing to note is that the founder, Michael Force seems to be a top earner in other popular Multi – Level Marketing schemes, which is probably why he set out to create his own program now.

Before We Get Into It

Digital Altitude Promo Video

I just want to share some thoughts with you guys about their promo video. I personally find it hilarious. In my other post on online scams I said that usually scams have promo videos which shows a guy showing off his money to you.

Well guess what? Digital Altitude video shows one of their highest earners showing off pretty much the entire video. All he does is show you his pay checks, his amazing vacation, how he flew private and his Ferrari. He keeps telling you that you can make money with his system for $1.

What products do Digital Altitude have?

1. Aspire
  • Aspire Walker ($37 per month) – up to 40% commission, and a 1 tier payout
  • Aspire Hiker ($67 per month) – up to 50% commission and a 2 tier payout
  • Aspire Climber ($127 per month) – up to 60% commission and 3 tier payout
2.  Base ($597 One off payment) –
  • training videos
3. Rise ($1997 One off payment) –
  • training videos
4. Ascend ($9997 One off payment) –
  • 3 Day retreat for 2 and classes
5. Peak ($16997 One off payment) –
  • 5 Day retreat for 2 and classes
6. Apex ($27997 One off payment) –
  • 7 Day retreat for 2 and classes

Usually I would do more research on what the products are really about and give you guys the information. Sadly no one talks about them, not even their affiliates. I wonder why? All I know is they are a bunch of videos that teach you stuff, for an insane price.

Just for your information, the training videos you get seem to be copied from somewhere else according to this other review.

As you guys can see these are pretty high ticket or highly priced items and remember, you have to buy the item you want to receive a commission on, if you don’t then as usual it gets passed up to someone else.

Can I make money with Digital Altitude?

Yes, yes you can. I’ve seen plenty of people claiming they have.

Here’s the catch, these guys probably already know their stuff, they don’t need any of the training video here to do what they do. I’ve even seen a video of one of their members saying that if you do want to sell these things you probably need to get about 300 visitors to your site a day.

This is what you guys should beware of. A newcomer who walks in thinking he or she can make money would most likely end up broke.

But wait …. what about the coaches that they seem to be so proud of?

They say that if you’re not good at selling, your coaches can do it for you ! The promo video says that all you need to do is sit back and relax while you let the sales people close your deals for you.

Guess what, I’ve done some digging around and these rumored 6 or 7 figure income coaches are actually just sales people who try to get you to buy their products.

Some members say that they can’t even contact their coach and when they do, the coaches ask them to upgrade and keep buying more or the products.

I want to remind any of you out there that to be able to sell these high ticket items you would have to be somewhat experienced in internet marketing.

Why have I heard good things about Digital Altitude?

Mainly because they are part of Digital Altitude and want to get you to join. I’ve spent some time on Youtube looking up reviews and most of them will have a title like “Honest review”. Which makes it pretty weird that at the end 99% of them will also say “My team is the best come join my team at Digital Altitude”.

I’m sure you guys can see the point here, they are just affiliates trying to recruit you because this is how they make their money.

The funniest thing I’ve seen is one guy saying those who call Digital Altitude a scam have an ulterior motive, trying to get you to join some other program instead. I generally agree but I don’t think they are in a position to point fingers when they are doing pretty much the same thing.

Also in most cases, in the comments section where people ask questions these affiliates don’t seem to give a decent answer. A common answer is just join me here, or contact me here or contact your coach.

A common argument

1.Some affiliates appear to be honest, saying that you need to work hard and so on. Yes this applies to every business whether online or offline. Then again if you do need to work hard why does the promo video not tell you that and make it seem so easy? They also don’t tell you that a beginner probably won’t have the necessary skills to sell these products.

2. I’ve seen affiliates claim that the truth is that you need to spend money to earn money, they call it a business fundamental. I call this changing the point. Yes, when you spend money you can speed up your progress, but you have to spend money on the right things. Buying overpriced products just so you can sell them seems weird to me.

What I don’t like

  1. They charge you insanely high prices. You’re not even paying for the product which is common for a pyramid scheme, you’re paying for the right to sell the products and get a commission. I doubt the products need to be this expensive and you can probably find them elsewhere for a much cheaper price. This pretty much shows that the main focus of Digital Altitude is to recruit new members, not on training or helping a beginner succeed.
  2. Fake coaches. I doubt the coaches can give you any real information or actually care about your success. They probably only care about getting you to upgrade and buy their stuff.
  3. The affiliates don’t seem to be honest. All they care about is getting you to join their team so they can get a commission. With these systems I’ve heard that if you join under a good sponsor you might be able to learn a thing or 2. Even if this is the case I still don’t see the point in joining because there are other programs out there that are cheaper.

Final Verdict

If you ask me, I won’t say Digital Altitude is a scam. I also won’t recommend that you join it though. The price is just ridiculous and it really isn’t meant for beginners. As a beginner you really should focus on your education, and for education there are much cheaper alternatives out there.

I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate. Yes I am an affiliate and I do get a commission when you join. However I do genuinely recommend it because you can do so much with it for free. That’s all for now.

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