What is Easy 1up – Is It a Legit Opportunity or Is It Just a Scam?


Rating : 30/100

Price : $25 – $1000

Owner : Peter Wolfing

If you’ve been searching online for some money making opportunities you might have heard of Easy 1up. A lot of people seem to recommend it.

I’ve been doing my research on whether or not this program is worth it.

Do note that I am in no way associated with Easy 1up. The reason I’m writing this review is to mainly voice my opinion and concern.

Before we start

You may want to know a bit about the owner. Apparently he made a few similar Multi-Level Marketing programs in the past.

Although if you take a look at their website, it would seem rather dodgy.

There is no indication of the owner’s identity. I’ve managed to find out the owner by reading other reviews. You should be able to find his list of past launches rather easily.

So what exactly is Easy 1up?

I would call it another Multi-Level Marketing scheme, but some people call it a gifting scheme.

What a gifting scheme means is that you “gift” the person who referred you into the program a sum of money.

Yes 100% of the money, meaning if you recruit some other person he would be gifting you this amount of money directly.

To sum it up, it is a MLM where you can get 100% commission.

What products do Easy 1up offer?

As with most Multi-Level Marketing or pyramid schemes out there, there really isn’t much of a product. Sure they all say you get digital products like video lessons, but 99% of the time they are severely overpriced.

As a member you won’t be buying it for the videos anyway, you buy it for the right to earn a commission.

  1. Elevation – $25
  2. Elevation Elite – $100
  3. Vertex – $250
  4. Vertex Elite – $500
  5. Vertex Pro “Connect” – $1000

For whichever package you choose there will also be an additional 10% admin fee. Meaning if you chose Vertex Elite for $500, the total would be $550.

How does the money making process work?

I did mention that you can get full commission when you recruit.

There is one difference with this company compared to other MLMs though, which is when you first join, you have to choose among the 5 products above.

There are more benefits in terms of commissions when choosing a more expensive product.

You will also need to own the product you wish to receive a commission on.

For example, if upon joining you go for the $25 Elevation package and make a sale later on for Vertex Elite, you will not be able to make that $500 commission because you do not own that product. Instead the money gets passed up to the person that referred you into the program.

I’ve seen a lot of affiliates advertising by saying that you can get your money back with just 1 sale, which is true.

What they don’t tell you is that your 2nd sale goes directly to the person that referred you, which is why it’s called a MLM. Every sale you make after the 2nd sale is yours.

This is probably why they’re called Easy 1up, only 1 commission goes up.

Can you make my money with Easy 1up?

This is what everyone wants to know. I’ve seen many success stories and some good reviews about this program, whether on youtube or a website.

The problem is, many of them showing you their success are affiliates of this program and they want to to recruit you into it as well.

I’m not saying that they are scamming you, but bear in mind that they do want the money and they already have a decent amount of experience with internet marketing.

If you have no experience and if you were to join Easy 1up I honestly don’t think you will be making any money.

The only exception to this is that if the person that recruited you actually cares about you and is willing to take the time to coach you. In that case you will be able to earn money but the irony is the program isn’t the one that’s teaching you anything.

However I do think in most cases you won’t get this kind of help.

My Personal Opinion

Although I may sould like I’m hating on Easy 1up, I do not think they are a scam. You definitely can make money from this, just like other MLMs.

The catch is that you need to know about internet marketing. Without the knowledge this just won’t work for you.

If you’re looking to make money online and you have no experience, I would suggest you to look for training programs instead. MLMs aren’t focused on training or their products, they’re focused on only getting more members.

Try to think of it this way, without a decent foundation in Internet marketing, what would happen to you if Easy 1up were to shut down?

You would be back to square one with no way of making passive income online.

MLMs usually don’t last long and this may happen.

My suggestion to you

Read up and study about Internet marketing. You should aim to have the skill and knowledge to survive in any situation.

Your ability to make money online shouldn’t depend on what program you join. As a beginner don’t think about making money fast because it really doesn’t work that way.

Those guys who are showing you how much they earn with Easy 1up can do it with any other program so it really isn’t about Easy 1up being good or bad here.

There are tons of information online and you should spend the time to read them. If you want to join a more beginner friendly program, I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate which I am personally part of.

You can get access to a lot of training videos and tutorials for free. You also get a 2 free websites which usually cost money.

At the end of the day do think twice before joining any program. The best ones are those with a free trial so you will know exactly what you’re getting into.

Also remember that there are no shortcuts to making money online, it is like an actual business where you will have to put in effort.

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