What Keyword Tools should I use?

Keywords are an important part of SEO. When writing your new post or new page you would want to incorporate a keyword to help you rank better on Google. As a beginner you may not know what keyword tools are suitable and the most important, free to use.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is the recommended keyword research tool by Wealthy Affiliate. It is free but limited to 30 searches. After searching your desired keyword there will be recommendations for other similar keywords. You can select any keyword from that list and save it. Also, you can check your search history for your previous search data, meaning you do not have to search for the same keyword a second time.

Jaaxy keyword tool As you can see by typing the phrase “keyword” into the search bar I get some recommendations for similar keywords.

How to read Jaaxy data

  • Avg – the average number of searches for that keyword in a month
  • Traffic – how many visitors you would get if you ranked on the 1st page in a month
  • QSR – the number of competition, meaning other websites you would face for this keyword
  • KQI – keyword quality indicator
  • SEO – The chances of you ranking on the 1st page for this keyword

Thats pretty much all there is to Jaaxy, it is simple and usually as a beginner, you would want to aim for keywords with low QSR. If you have multiple pages which rank highly on less popular keywords the traffic does add up.

Toolfeast Autosuggest Keyword Tool

Like Jaaxy this is another free keyword tool. However, there is no limit to your searches. Meaning you can play around with it as much as you want, and research as much as you want. Toolfeast Autosuggest Keyword ToolHow to read ToolFeast Autosuggest Data

  • Search volume – Monthly search volume
  • CPC – Cost per click, which is used for advertising, you get charged for every click on your paid advertisement and that value is the cost per click
  • AC – Adwords competition, Adwords is the paid advertisement in which you get charged for each click
  • KC – Keyword competition, Similar to SEO in Jaaxy but doesn’t show you the number of competiting websites
  • SERP – Search engine results page, when the magnifying glass is clicked you get to see how the search would look like.Toolfeast SERP

Clicking on the blue magnifying glass under KC will open up a new window to Keyword Finder

This is another website called Keyword Finder and you do have to register for this as well. You get 3 free searches a day. This website shows you the keyword competition of the keywords that you have chosen.Keyword Finder ExampleKeyword Finder Competition Analysis


The main parameter to look at is DIFF. DIFF shows the difficulty to rank with that keyword based on your competition. DIFF is takes into account different values like page authority and domain authority. It is a value from 0 to 100 with 0 being the easiest to rank and 100 being the hardest. Apart from that you also get to see who your competition are for this keyword.

Keyword.io Keyword Suggestions Tool

This tool is not a keyword analysis tool like the ones above. It will not return you number of searches or your competition. This tool however, gives you plenty of suggestions when you type in a keyword. Keyword io ExampleKeyword io is useful for your initial stages of keyword planning, when you just want to get some suggestions because you don’t know where to start. Once you’ve looked through the list and have chosen some keywords that you like you can start researching them in depth.


What is the best keyword tool among the 3?

Why bother? You can use all of them side by side. Each of them have their pros and cons but generally if you want keyword suggestions, use keyword io, if you want to know how many competition you have, use Jaaxy because you won’t know the amount of competition from Toolfeast. If you want to know how strong your competition are, use Toolfeast and Keyword Finder because they break down each parameter to show you your competition’s page authority and the likes.

What to do next?

Now that you’re familar with some keyword tools, you can read up on how to find the best keywords for SEO. Having access to tools alone isn’t enough and you should know how to utilize these tools to help you get the best keywords and ultimately help you get that 1st page Google ranking.

Other than keywords tools, there are also a few other tools which you can look into to help with SEO. These tools focus more on the analysis of your website and would also prove useful.

I hope you find my suggestions useful and if you have a suggestion or feedback of your own please leave me a comment 😀


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