Wifi Millionaire System Review – Can you make $10000 with a $49 initial investment?

By | May 7, 2017

Wifi Millionaire

If you’ve stumbled upon this post you’re probably wondering if you should pay the $49 to join the Wifi Millionaire System. Actually when I first found it I thought the creator’s name ( Matt Lloyd ) was familiar, but just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Anyway I did some research and hopefully my review of Wifi Millionaire System can shed some light on this program for you.

Let’s start with the promo video

So the video starts out by telling you about a home based business and a traditional business, claiming that the Wifi Millionaire System is the best home based business model, because this one doesn’t require skill unlike other home business models, quite a huge claim I would say.

Apparently you can make thousands of dollars a day just by working 30 minutes everyday, is this true? We’ll have a look at this claim later.

It does make a very good point, talking about the startup costs of a brick and mortar business being $10000 while an online business might take around $2500.

The video also says that this is a done for you system so you don’t need to know anything, you find leads and their sales people will close the sale for you. They guarantee that you’ll be able to make money within one month.

What is Wifi Millionaire System?

Wifi Millionaire System is basically a course and a marketing strategy. It is a course because it has training to teach you how to be an online marketer and it is a marketing strategy because it promotes Matt Lloyd’s other program – MOBE.

The gist of it is that to make money, you will be marketing MOBE’s different products.

How much does it really cost?

Initially it does say it costs $49, this is really affordable and I would consider a price like this on the cheap end of the spectrum.

However this isn’t the end of the story, there are up-sells. So MOBE, like other MLM schemes out there, require you to buy the product before being able to make a commission on the product. If you don’t buy it you get nothing.

What does this mean for you?

Well it simply means that if $49 is all you’re spending you won’t make any money, because you don’t own the products that you’re marketing.

The products of MOBE, comes in 5 tiers:

MOBE products

So for example, if you’ve bought the Titanium Mastermind but make a sale on the Platinum Mastermind, you won’t be getting that commission, in order to not miss out you would eventually have to buy all 5 tiers.

The 5 of them aren’t cheap either, silver being the cheapest among the 5 already costs about $2500!

How much money can you make with the Wifi Millionaire System?

Let’s get back to the promo video, are their claims actually true?

The good news is that with the MOBE products being such high ticket items, your commission earnings will be high as well. From what I’ve seen you get to make about 50% commission on your sale.

Earnings for each tier :

  • Silver – $1250
  • Gold – $2500
  • Titanium – $3300
  • Platinum – $5500
  • Diamond – $10000

These are crazy numbers even just from the lowest tier. The earning potential with this system is amazing. Therefore, the claims are 100% true, heck you can make much more than that if you’re good at online marketing.

See the catch here is that you need to be good at online marketing and know how to generate leads. If you don’t you won’t make any money I guarantee it.

Sure they have their great sales people to close your sales for you, which you will need since these are very high ticket items so not everyone will just fork out that kind of money, but they won’t have anyone to persuade if you don’t send them any potential buyers in the first place.

Then, Is Wifi Millionaire System a Scam?

It is a 100% legit system, the problem is it isn’t for everyone. If you go in without any knowledge you will lose your money and eventually think you got scammed – not true.

The problem here is that this system isn’t meant for newbies, but they don’t tell you that. This system is for the more experienced Internet Marketers, those with the skills and knowledge.

Why? Because they  actually know how to market these items and have done so before.

If you haven’t done this kind of stuff before you won’t even have the slightest clue about where to start, you’ll just go in with your money and eventually give up. Don’t expect them to hold your hand here because this that kind of program. A program targeted at beginners won’t have you throw out $2500 when you have no experience whatsoever.

Just have a look at their earnings disclaimer:

Wifi Millionaire System Income Disclosure

I don’t know what they define by active, but the statistics on the far right is based on everyone that joined and the one on the far left is based on their active marketers. I would assume that the statistics on the right involves those who payed the startup fee of $49 but didn’t make it ( on the website it says that they haven’t sent any traffic to their affiliate links ).


There is no scam involved here, this is a legit program, just not what you might expect. A newbie coming in expecting to make money will be disappointed, I guess it is partly their fault for the false advertising ( somewhat ) since it suggests that anyone can do it.

As a beginner you are simply not ready, buy it when you have more experience. My favourite line in their income disclosure is:

“Affiliate marketing is just like any business. It takes hard work to make substantial income.”

This is the key right here to making money online, you first need to understand that affiliate marketing or any other online business plan isn’t a get rich quick scheme, you definitely won’t make money overnight, or even in a month for that matter.

If you’ve just started out, I would advise you to take a step back and get some training.

Once you’ve got the hang of it and have started to make a decent income from online marketing, honestly you can join any program out there, you will have the confidence and skill to make money from it.


5 thoughts on “Wifi Millionaire System Review – Can you make $10000 with a $49 initial investment?

  1. shrey

    Although this does not seem like a scam but the prices are way too much and I don’t think I can be able to make such a high initial investment in an online business that I have not even started yet.

    Do you think it is possible to learn how to make money online through an affordable online course and system that actually works?

    1. Lucas Post author

      I fully agree that the prices isn’t something a beginner should be forking out right away, especially if you can’t handle the losses.

      If you want a cheap and affordable online course I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate ( you can click on my #1 recommendation on the menu to learn more ). Their system definitely works but you need to put in the hard work.

  2. Israel

    Hi Lucas!

    As you said no scam here, but you need a quite big amount of money to get you started, plus time to see some benefits.

    I’ve seen many systems like this one, and I’ve always wondered if they truly deliver and are worth it despite the initial investment, but as you put on the statistics, it doesn’t look very promissing.

    I agree with you affiliate marketing is really the way to go, it may take more time to see real money, but at least you’re not throwing away money since the beginning.

    Thanks for your review! It’s nice to be up to date with MLM market and stuff 😉

    1. Lucas Post author

      Yo Israel !

      I’m glad you found my review helpful haha.

      Wifi Millionaire System does take a lot of money to get started and the problem with that is a lot of people might not get their initial investments back especially if they are a beginner.

      Affiliate marketing is definitely a solid way to make money but I believe all beginners should start small with a program that uses small investments. Going for Wifi Millionaire System straight away is like challenging a high level boss on a video game, suicidal.


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