Worldwide Home Income Review – Beware of This Scam !!

By | May 14, 2017

worldwide home income

What is Worldwide Home Income?

While their site is called worldwide home income, they call them selves online income throughout the rest of the site.

It is a very poorly made scam that claims you can make a full time living from home simply by posting links.

They try to lure you in with a lot of false promises like flexible working hours, working from home, you can be your own boss, etc …

Here’s what they claim this whole system to be :

  1. The demand of link posters exceed the supply, so they pay is huge
  2. Companies don’t want to hire employees because they need to deal with office space, management, etc … so they hire you instead
  3. Companies get more sales because of your links that you’ve posted, which is why they have an incentive to hire more people to post links from home.
  4. You don’t need any special skills or training

If you take a look at their site, everything seems poorly made and just seems dodgy to me. Their program costs $97 and when you try to pay even the checkout seems rather dodgy.

Worldwide home income guarantee

Really, is it necessary to repeat over and over again that your website is secure? If anything it just tells me that it isn’t secure.

Why do I call it a scam?

Let’s start off by saying, what they call link posting seems to be just affiliate marketing ( to me at least ). While affiliate marketing is a legit way for both product sellers and marketers to make money, what they claim isn’t true.

Firstly they aren’t telling you the full story here, only half of what they’ve said is true. They are talking as if by posting links the money will just magically fall into your lap.

If you know what affiliate marketing is, you will know that simply posting a link some where won’t do anything, seriously nothing will happen. Other people have to actually click on it, and make a purchase or complete an action ( like signing up ) for you to make money.

As a beginner, how do you get people to click on your link in the first place?

Do you post your links on social media? Well it isn’t allowed, most forums and social media will ban affiliate links so marketers don’t spam it everywhere.

Also, when they say that companies don’t want to hire employees, I’m just over here scratching my head.

See, the product creator simply has to start their own affiliate program where anyone can join for free, they don’t need to hire anyone it just doesn’t make sense.

The program also doesn’t tell you that you have to help the company make money first before you can get a cut of that earning ( basically a commission ). Now that you know this I don’t see why it makes sense to hire anyone, the company just has to pay you based on your performance, if you don’t get them any sales you don’t get any money.

The dumbest thing I’ve seen them say is that you can post links offline, I have seriously no idea how this can work.

What is their biggest lie?

In my opinion their biggest lie is point number 4 above. Like I said, if you don’t know anything about online marketing how do you get people to click on your links?

Affiliate marketing as well as any other online business opportunity will require an effort on your part, for sure. There is no such thing as easy money and this is a very common scam tactic.

They lure you in by telling you that anyone can do it or you don’t need any knowledge to do it. When you get in and have paid the money you probably won’t know what to do next and won’t make any money.

Some of their claims are true

  1. You have no obligation to work. This is true, you don’t have to promote the products and you’re free to promote as much as you want because like I said, the product creator will make money first before paying you anyway.
  2. You don’t have a boss.
  3. You can work anywhere you want.
  4. You can do this part time or full time, since you have no obligation to work.

Do you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing?

See, affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money there is no doubt about that. It just isn’t as simple as posting a link and waiting for magic to happen.

If you want to make money this way, there are skills you need to learn like how to advertise, how to do a sales pitch, getting traffic, conversions, etc …

Here’s the reality of it, you probably won’t be making money right off the bat and it can take a few months before you see any earnings at all.

Why? I’ll give you an example.

Since you can’t post on social media or forums, one common way is to create your own website ( like this one ). If you create your own website you need to get people to visit your website and this is no easy task.

One of the ways you can do this is by getting a high rank on Google, which can take months. The other way is to spend money on advertising.

Whichever way you choose it will require either time or money.

Where should you start?

As I’ve said you need to learn how to be an affiliate marketer first, and the best place to do that in my opinion is Wealthy Affiliate. Yes this is me promoting something and if you click on this link you will go to a page with an affiliate link.

Regardless, Wealthy Affiliate was where I got my training and I’m only recommending it to you because I know it provides legit and quality training. It is free to sign up anyway, so there’s no harm in checking it out.

To finish off this post I just want to remind you again, there is no short cut way to make money online be it affiliate marketing or something else. If you want to make decent money online you would need to work for it.

Looking for easy ways will only result in you getting scammed by sites like worldwide home income or online income or whatever they call themselves.

Lastly, if you have any questions feel free to comment below,



5 thoughts on “Worldwide Home Income Review – Beware of This Scam !!

  1. mark

    Awesome review about worldwide home income, the way you just said, it does sound really fishy, no training, no work involved it is very strange, i was looking for ways to make a living from home and found worldwide home income and afterwards i was looking for reviews, i found yours, I’m glad i didnt join in and honestly i prefer to try something for free rather starting paying for something i dont know, i will try out wealthy affiliate, my only question is, do i need to sign up a bank or credit card? this mostly ended bad for me and prefer to avoid such sign ups.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Yo man I’m glad I managed to help you out. Wealthy Affiliate does provide a free membership ( since you wanted to try it for free ) and you do not need any payment information to sign up for the free membership. Just sign up with your e-mail and you’re done !

      Hope this helps xD

  2. Norman Richards

    Hello and thanks for sharing, It is good to know that there are websites like yours that exposes these type of scams, These system will promise you the world and will underdeliver. Your post is well detailed and your readers will fine this information to be very helpful.

  3. Minhaj Ahmed

    Hi Lucas

    Sounds like another of those dodgy work from home schemes, they make it sound so easy, just past enough links and somebody will buy. Unfortunately, this is how they suck in those who are new to the whole make money online scene.
    Just like those companies that tell you that taking surveys will bring you financial freedom, sounds so easy until you find out its all BS.

  4. Norman Richards

    The internet is full with so much programs that claim that they can help you to have online success. They will promise you the world, but their motive is to get you money. These scams will sell you a dream, but it is good to know that a website like yours is helping o expose these fly by night. Your website is very informative.


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