Yoonla Review – Can Yoonla Actually Help You Make Money or Is It Just All Hype?

By | September 2, 2017

Update : As of September 2018, Yoonla is going to discontinue its pay per click program. It will also launch the next phase of Yoonla which is due in November.

If you can’t wait till then, you can check out how I make my money online.

( Hint : I’m doing this part time alongside my engineering degree so I’m sure you can do it too ! )

 HYoonla Phase 2 – Yoonla Evolve

For those of you who don’t know, Yoonla Evolve is a sort of re-launch of Yoonla, that’s why it’s considered as Yoonla’s Phase 2. This review is basically split into 2 parts addressing each of these phases.

However, Phase 1 is discontinued and you can no longer join it, so at this current moment if you wish to be a member, you should join Yoonla Evolve.

The core concept of Yoonla is still the same, that is to teach you about affiliate marketing, email marketing and how to generate leads.

###I’ve still kept Phase 1’s review down there if you’re interested though.###

What’s new in Yoonla Evolve?

For one, there are new membership tiers. Previously there were only 2 but now there is an additional tier.

Here’s some info about the membership levels :

#1 Yoonla Evolve Starter

  • Free to join
  • 7 part free training videos on how to set up your Yoonla Evolve App
  • Very similar to what it was in Yoonla Phase 1

Basically, the videos teach you how to set up your own website, with something like a landing page so you can capture emails. Then, they’ll teach you how to link this site to your email autoresponder ( some program that helps save these emails and help you send out emails ).

While most of it is done for you, you’ll need to :

  1. Set up your autoresponder
  2. Set up your website
  3. Download the necessary files from the Yoonla Evolve website
  4. Upload these files onto your website, using a file transfer program, like FileZilla
  5. Notify Yoonla Evolve that you’ve completed these steps and they will set things up for you

Join Yoonla Evolve For Free Now!

Something to note here is that even if you were previously a member of Yoonla, you’d still need to re-register with your same email address for Yoonla Evolve.

How do you make money with Yoonla Evolve?

Okay, by now you should know that Yoonla Evolve’s starter membership is free. I’ll just say this now, you won’t make any money with Yoonla if you stay a starter member.

While you can watch the videos for free, you’ll need the tools mentioned to implement it ( autoresponder, website, etc ). These will cost you money.

The good news though is that once you sign up for these tools, using Yoonla’s affiliate link ( more on this later ), you’ll be eligible to upgrade your account to the Elite membership. This effectively means that you won’t be paying any membership fees.

Once you’ve joined the Elite membership, you’ll also be able to promote Yoonla as an affiliate, much like what I’m doing here. Yoonla’s affiliate program is a CPA program, and the gist of it is that you get paid around $2-$4 for each email signup that you collect. Pretty simple.

This is also where the starter membership’s videos come in. Remember I said you’d set up your website and such? Yup, you can use those to get those emails and sign ups.

Of course, no one is constraining you to only promote Yoonla. The tools that you bought, are ultimately yours and you can do other stuff with them. It is still your account even if you plan to quit Yoonla.

Wait, isn’t this too good to be true? This means that they’re helping us make money for free??

In reality, Yoonla is making money as well.

Remember the affiliate links that I’ve mentioned? Ya well, when you use their affiliate link and sign up for the autoresponder and websites, Yoonla will earn a commission. This however does not increase the actual prices of these tools, so don’t worry.

You can put 2 and 2 together, when someone decides to buy these tools to become an affiliate, there are basically helping to promote Yoonla, so that Yoonla can continue making more money out of more future affiliates.

What I think about Yoonla Evolve

As I was already a member, I can see some pretty obvious changes, but some things are still pretty much the same.

For one, they’ve changed the design of things, which is cool.

On the other hand, the starter membership is still largely the same.

Now, here comes the exciting part. Previously, aside from the 7 free starter videos, you’d be sent more videos on affiliate marketing. These are the real gems of Yoonla in my opinion because there are really useful for a beginner who wants to get started in affiliate marketing and they explain the basics of it really well.

Join Now So You Don't Miss Out!

Of course, currently there are still a lot of unreleased content in Yoonla Evolve, so we’ll have to wait and see. I’m still curious to know what the new membership tier is about.

Should you join Yoonla Evolve or is it just a scam?

I don’t think Yoonla is a scam. It is however, a good CPA program with decent commissions. If you want to get started with making money this way, I’d say go for it.

Of course, if training is what you’re looking for, Yoonla is decent but not great. I think a program like Wealthy Affiliate is much better in terms of training.

Although, the starter membership is free so you really have nothing to lose here.

Lastly, we will still have to wait and see. I’ll keep you updated when more of Yoonla Evolve’s features get released to see if there are more exciting news.



Yoonla Phase 1 Review ( Discontinued )

# Everything below refers to the old and previous Yoonla, which ended on January 2018. You can still have a read to know what it was like when it first came out.

So what is Yoonla?

Yoonla is an affiliate marketing and CPA ( cost per action ) program. Instead of getting paid per sale, you get paid per action.

With Yoonla, this action is getting people to sign up to Yoonla and it is as simple as just having them provide an email and a password for their account.

Let’s put it this way, Yoonla is affiliate marketing without having to make a single sale !

This makes it perfect for anyone to start out, all you need to do is to get sign ups and this process doesn’t involve money. So most people won’t be thinking too much about it anyway which makes it much easier.

Yoonla was founded by Reno Van Boven and is still relatively new since it was started back in September of 2016.

Yoonla also offers training on how to set up your marketing systems to get sign ups as well as other affiliate marketing related training videos.

Check It Out For Free !

How do you make money with Yoonla?

Have you ever seen something like this online :

Email marketing free copy

I bet you have. This is called a landing page. You can see that something of value is offered for free in exchange for your email.

Affiliate marketers use this technique because it works really well to collect emails from people who are interested in certain topics, like in this case making money.

What do they do with these emails then?

Imagine you want to sell something, again we’ll use something related to making money like an affiliate marketing e-book.

Who would you sell it to? Obviously people who are interested in making money right?

Well thanks to your landing page you already have a list of potential customers, which we call leads. You can start promoting your e-book to them right away !

The best part is that you can continue sending them other relevant offers as well, like online course about making money.

This system is called email marketing and it is in my opinion one of the most profitable and most powerful marketing technique out there.

Here’s how it works :

  1. You sign up with an email autoresponder ( remember they recommend GetResponse )
  2. You create your landing page and integrate it with your autoresponder
  3. You send traffic to your landing page and get people to subscribe to your email list
  4. Once people sign up to your list you can send them your affiliate offers.
  5. When someone from your list clicks on your offers and buys something you will make money !

Okay, you might be wondering, you don’t have a free gift or an e-book to give away right?

Don’t worry, Yoonla will give you some e-books for free to use as free gifts ! They have literally thought of everything and they are making it as easy for you as possible to make this system work.

Yoonla will run you through all these steps in the free training videos. Everything from setting up your landing page to sending affiliate emails will be covered in the training as well.

How much does it cost to join Yoonla?

One of the key reasons that I fell in love with Yoonla is because Yoonla’s foundation membership is absolutely free, for life

The foundation membership is the basic membership and you will have access to all the training videos with it.

This is honestly a pretty good deal. I’ve seen programs charge thousands for their training but Yoonla is giving it out for free.

Yoonla also has a VIP membership available ( this is needed to become an affiliate ).

What do you get with the free Foundation Membership in Yoonla?

Most of Yoonla’s training will be in video form so you will be guided step by step in detail.

Step 1 – Preparation

  • set up your autoresponder with GetResponse
  • connect your foundation system with GetResponse

Step 2 -Installing foundation software

  • set up your hosting service with iPage or Yahoo Business Hosting
  • upload your capture pages to host with Filezilla

Step 3-Digital setup

  • use capture pages to build your e-mail list
  • get free products to use as freebies
  • if you’re not a Yoonla affiliate ( VIP member ) you can promote other programs as well

Step 4-Automation

  • teaches you about sending e-mails to your e-mails list
  • follow up mails after people sign up to your e-mail list

Step 5-Instat traffic formula

  • broken down into 4 videos with the shortest video being 20 minutes and the longest being 45 minutes
  • the biggest training module
  • set up leadpages and connect with GetResponse
  • A/B split testing
  • use of solo ads to get leads

Affiliate Marketing 101

Yoonla Affiliate Marketing Lesson 1

  • Covers everything from starting out as an affiliate marketer to how you should make a sale
  • how to choose your affiliate programs
  • marketing strategies with blogs, email, etc …

How do you become a Yoonla VIP?

To become a Yoonla VIP you have to click on this button :

Yoonla VIP custom setup

What does it mean by custom setup though?

So steps 1-4 of the training is all about setting up your landing page to get email opt ins. If you claim your custom setup they will do all of this for you.

All you need to do is wait for 2-3 days and your landing page will be ready.

How much will all this cost you?

I want to make something clear, technically you’re not paying a single dime for the VIP membership and custom setup.

Why? Because all you need to pay for is :

  1. Yahoo Small Business Domain. This is your website where they will create your landing page.
  2. Your Email Auto Responder, GetResponse. Your collected emails will go to this list and you can manage your emails here.

GetResponse will cost you $15 per month for the cheapest plan and Yahoo Small Business will cost you $10 for the domain ( paid yearly ) and another $10 for hosting each month.

In total you’re paying $25 per month and this is all it costs to become a Yoonla VIP. You’re not paying anything for the VIP membership because all your money goes into buying these products.

Can you really make money with Yoonla?

The free training alone will teach you a lot about setting up your system, landing pages and just affiliate marketing in general. You can then use this knowledge to promote whatever product you want.

You are not limited to Yoonla with this knowledge since these are standard Internet marketing techniques.

You also get a lot of tools and materials for free which you can use to help build up your e-mail list.

From what I see, Yoonla is a great way to start affiliate marketing and you can definitely make money with Yoonla if you follow the training.

At the end of the day, what’s in it for you if you decide to join Yoonla?

The greatest benefit is their free training. After going through their training you can put it into action and make money from it regardless of whether you decide to become a VIP or not.

Their way of making money is one of the most solid yet simple ways and you will see plenty of affiliate marketers making money this way.

I mean, it’s completely free to join and if you don’t like this method of making money, you can always just walk away. The worse case is that you walk away with more knowledge.

Also, Yoonla is a great place to start if you have no experience. If you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing there’s a high chance that you might not know what you should be doing. In that case the training in Yoonla will guide you on the right track.

What if you choose to promote Yoonla? How do you make money with Yoonla then?

Yoonla has their own CPA affiliate program which pays you for every sign up you get.

How CPA works

You get paid $2-$4 per sign up depending on which country that person is from. These are considered pretty good rates for a CPA program and I really don’t think that it’s that hard to get a few sign ups per month to cover the cost of being a VIP member.

These are my results after joining for about a week :

Yoonla Commission

It might not seem like a lot of money and I agree that it isn’t but bear in mind, I’m not pro in affiliate marketing. I’m just a beginner like you.

If I can do it I’m pretty sure you can as well because it really isn’t that hard. Remember you want to start small first before moving up and Yoonla is the perfect opportunity for you to start making money with affiliate marketing.



  • free and good quality training
  • Yoonla is transparent about them earning a commission when you use their recommended products
  • beginner friendly
  • training can be applied to promote other products, not just Yoonla
  • get to keep your leads when they sign up since they go to YOUR email list, if you decide to leave Yoonla you can always take your list with you


  • support might be a bit slow from some feed back that I’ve seen
  • free members don’t have access to the support panels
  • they lean more towards paid traffic methods which might cost you more money

An important reminder if you decide to join Yoonla

You do not need to use the products that Yoonla recommends. For example, GetResponse isn’t the only autoresponder out there and you may fancy other autoresponders instead.

This is perhaps one of the benefits if you don’t decide to go VIP because if you do they set up everything for you using their recommended tools. If you do it yourself you can use your own tools.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences so their recommendation may or may not be for you. There is nothing wrong with using something different.

You can also just check out the training for free and set up your own money making system. Of course you will be on your own if you decide to do this but setting things up isn’t that hard either.

There are other affiliate marketers out there that mix and match their tools to create their own unique system too without the help of any training videos.

However, If you do plan on using his products I do suggest you get the VIP membership since you can promote Yoonla as well.

So, is Yoonla a legit program?

You bet it is! Yoonla is an amazing program that any beginner can benefit from for free.

It offers a lot of value without any investment and even if you do decide to go with the VIP membership you’ll be getting you money’s worth since you’re technically only paying for the tools and not the membership itself.

I do recommend that you check it out since the free training will already make it worth your time. You can always leave if you don’t like what you see.

Sign Up Now !

This is the end of my Yoonla review and I do hope I’ve managed to help you out. As always, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or a different opinion !



30 thoughts on “Yoonla Review – Can Yoonla Actually Help You Make Money or Is It Just All Hype?

  1. dreamgirl93

    I have been working with some methods to make money online until I found Wealthy Affiliate and I am committed to it one year after discovering it. Still I am open to trying new money making methods. But since I have a full time job and I spend a great deal of time working on my blog, I am worried about the time that it will take to go after a new online opportunity. How much time is needed to dedicate to this program?

    1. Lucas Post author

      I suppose the most time consuming aspect would be their free tutorial videos. Other than that, you could try and implement what you’ve learned there but that knowledge can work hand in hand with what you’ve been taught at Wealthy Affiliate. I’d say just give it a go, and if it’s too much you can at least decide which program to follow after you’ve learned both their techniques.

  2. Ilias

    Hi Lucas, Yoonla sounds a great website.

    I have joined many training programs before about online marketing.

    I admit that there is too much value for a beginner for a beginner.

    However, I do not use solo ads to get traffic. In my opinion, it is a high-risk way and it needs a budget but it works for many people.

    Anyway, I focus on free methods to get traffic like SEO and social media marketing.

    1. Lucas Post author

      Yo Ilias !

      To be honest with you, both free and paid methods have their pros and cons and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. I guess they just suite different people.

      It’s great that you’re working on SEO too btw xD

  3. Norman Richards

    Hello and thanks, for sharing, this program sounds pretty amazing and it seems as if you can surely get off the ground with this kind of training as a beginner. I believe that there are many out there that would just love to try this program.

  4. Stefan Vogt

    Hi Lucas
    Great review. It really sounds interesting for someone that wants to start an online business. Me personally already have two websites going and this keeps me busy enough. I will have a look into the training though because it is free and I can always learn some more tricks.
    Thanks for the information and have a great time.

  5. Philip Colbert

    Hi Lucas,

    I am intrigued by Yoonla, so, do I have to pay to be an affiliate to promote Yoonla (apart from the domain name and autoresponder)?

    This sounds very legit and with good and minimal training is an excellent intro to affiliate marketing for newbies and an excellent opportunity for seasoned online entrepreneurs as well.

    I mean, you get paid for signing people up and for those amounts, I think, it sounds like a decent and pretty profitable enterprise.

    Thank you kindly for sharing this information and I will be looking further into it.



    1. Lucas Post author

      Hey Philip !

      To answer your questions,

      No, you do not need to pay anything else aside from the domain name and autoresponder.

      Yes, it is a pretty nice amount for a CPA program. I’ve made quite a nice sum from it 😛

  6. Song

    HI Lucas, I am immediately interested in Yoonla when you said a person don’t have to make a sale to get paid.

    Currently, my website is 2 weeks old. I am using Affiliate Marketing to earn income. So based on your article, I think I should wait until I have build up a good base of subscribers before joining Yoonla. What is your advice?

    But my focus now is nurturing my site and building traffic. I also saw your article on dropshipping. Will come back to check that out. Thanks!


    1. Lucas Post author

      That sounds great Song. If you already have a website going that’d be a huge step forward, wherever your site may be right now. In my opinion, building your subscribers list should always be the top priority, like how Youtubers want more subscribers to their channel. I’d say just focus on doing what you enjoy and continue putting out helpful content, the subscribers will come.

      Good luck with your site man.

  7. Wayne

    Hi Lucas

    I have heard and seen Yoonla before, but never really looked into it much further though till I saw your advert on WA.

    Out of all the other Yoonla websites I’ve read before, your blog was well laid out, easy to follow, easy to read and kept me intrigued right through till the end.

    I have therefore decided to give it a go, and what better way to join, but under a fellow WA marketer.

    See you inside and thanks for the great information on Yoonla.


  8. Stephen

    Hello friend,

    This indeed a great review about Yoonla. In fact this really looks like a great affiliate program, especially for newbies like me. I really love the fact that Yoonla is not one of the affiliate programs that only pay you a commission base on sales made but rather is a CPA program.

    In this way, it is much more easier to get paid since people do not need to buy a products before you can get paid. In fact I want to sign up for this program.

    However, my program is the paid method they use to drag traffic, I remember signing up for Bing Ads and I tell you, I was not happy at all with my experience with them at all. I found out that Bing were just debiting my account and then running PPC on my behalf without my notice and I was not happy at all.

    So the idea of paid traffic pulls me off all because of the experience I had with Bing Ads.

    1. Lucas Post author

      I’m really sorry to hear that Stephen. With Yoonla though, they don’t really “force” you to use a paid method of generating leads, you could very well use free methods as well. However, I won’t advise you to give up on paid advertising, there are many platforms out there and Bing just might not be the one for you.

  9. Morne Olivier

    Thanks for sharing Yoonla and great information. As we all embark on affiliate marketing the more information we read that we can trust the better, I will look into Yoonla and see where and when the right time will be to introduce it.
    Thanks again
    Morne Olivier

  10. Morne

    Thank you for a great post on something I did not know about, I will surely look into Yoonla and see when and where I could fit it in. Keep on finding unique ideas to write about, fresh content that will set you apart from the rest.
    Best Regards
    Morne Olivier

  11. Roy

    Sounds good. I am into affiliate marketing and believe me it isn’t easy. But if you’re prepared to put in time and effort then you’re away. And if you can get targeted traffic to your site then you are really away.

    Does Yoonla offer the basic membership for free and then a premium membership which you subscribe to monthly and which offers more than the basic one?

  12. vin

    hi. pls what mode of payment does yoonla use? I mean do they pay you in bitcoin, PayPal or payza?

    1. Lucas Post author

      You can make money through Yoonla’s CPA ( cost per action ) campaign. Their CPA campaign has not changed even after Yoonla Evolve’s launch. Basically you get people to sign up to Yoonla. Each email sign up that you get will earn you $2-$4 depending on the country of the person who signed up. Go through their free videos, they do talk about this.

  13. Lilian Richard

    hi……greetings from Tanzania
    So can i join yoonla if i don’t have a website or i need to create one first before joining

  14. Regina

    Hi, Lucas I signed up for Yoonla and I started having trouble when I downloaded FileZilla it sent a virus onto my laptop (thank goodness Webroot Security caught it) but anyway I am still not getting any where with Yoonla I’ve written customer support and still waiting this has been going on since april 12th any suggestions would be great

  15. Deanna

    I have never done anything like this. I have always worked a J.O.B. I am desperately looking for a way to make money online but…so many scams. I’m not wealthy by no means. Very limited budget…. so getting traffic to a site is what I don’t understand how to do to make me money and not spend a fortune that I don’t have. I don’t know where to find traffic …. I have been told that free traffic is a huge time consuming way to go but paid traffic can put you out lots of money. Don’t know where to go or how to get traffic. Please help. I’m 60 yrs young and trying to have extra money come in just to make it month to month


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